A department store salon but not as we know it. The Stables offers a novel approach to a destination that combines a dynamic multi level creative-retail feel with a quirky, design-led department store surround. A minimalist, functional interior where heritage meets modern, concrete walls, Henry Wilson inspired interior provides a suitably stark canvas set over 4 floors for the various creative.

Our combined vision is to create a single environment where one can experience the very best from the worlds of hair design, beauty, fashion, food and creative enterprises.

In a world overwhelmed by generic product and bland shopping experiences The Stables is a haven of good taste, quality and individuality at every step. 

Enter District Salon an experience that is both tailored and personalized by industry leaders and professionals.

An experience tailored as part of The Stables community in a fashion forward while approachable environment.

District Salon  staff with vast understanding and industry experience across all aspects of hair styling and products, as well as home care and beauty will tailor to consumers individuality while delivering pioneering trends. Our team consists of specialist barbers, editorial trained stylists and experienced cutters offering a unique package here in Sydney. 

Our Vision is to deliver a community feel service where clients feel they have been personally engaged and their senses triggered leaving them feeling beautiful from inside out in anticipation of their next visit.